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About John Lampl

John W. Lampl is a senior airline executive with more than 41 years of experience with British Airways. In his most recent position, he served as Vice President Corporate Communications Americas, responsible for all corporate communications, media relations (traditional and social) and public relations in North America, Latin America, the Caribbean and Bermuda.

He supervised and managed the activities of public relations agencies in Western North America, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, and numerous islands of the Caribbean and Bermuda. He managed the launch of BA services from numerous cities in the USA to the UK, including Philadelphia, Washington DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Phoenix, Denver, Baltimore, Charlotte, Las Vegas in 2009 and most recently in June 2011, San Diego. For over 27 years, he worked on promoting the BA Concorde – he lived with the Concorde, from its first commercial flight to its last commercial flight in 2003.

He has wide and extensive experience in media relations, with a vast array of media contacts in the USA and the rest of the Americas. He has experience in organizing and managing press conferences and one-on-one interviews, developing press releases and PR plans, creating crisis communications procedures and manuals, and conducting media training.

More recently, Lampl has been consulting with several wide ranging companies including NY2O, a leading bottled water company based in New York City,  and US Global Airways, a proposed new international airline based in Newburgh, N.Y. (see   He also serves as the USA public relations representative for the luxury, five-star Farol Hotel of Cascais, Portugal.

Lampl and his wife currently live in New York City.

  1. Rolfe Shellenberger permalink

    Perhaps you recall those commutes between Trenton and NYC during the late 60s and early 70s. You shared with me an appreciation of our marketing roles for our respective companies, BA and AA. In fact we chatted by telephone during negotiations between AA and BA on code-sharing after our HQ moed to DFW. I assured you that AA’s assumption of DFW-LHR routes after BN’s demise would not undermine BA’s marketing position. In fact, that deal enhanced our relationship and certainly was a factor in creating oneworld.

    On a personal note, my first wife (Norma, long since deceased) and I took a vacation in San Remo. During our stay we drove over to Nice, stopping at Ventimiglia to shop at their “yard sale.” After we wandered through those countless booths, we enjoyed a delightful lunch at an adjacent restaurant. They had an accordianist playing US and other music. Since we were the only guests, I got up and sang while he played. I have pictures of us two musicians taken by our waiter.
    I took my current spouse, Madge, for a brief visit to Santa Margarita during a trip around the world (God bless ZED!). On our way from Milan on the Autostrada, we were driving down that long hill and an Italian fellow, showing off his brand new Nissan version of a HumVee to a neighbor, suddenly opened its driver-side door and, with traffic coming up the hill, we couldn’t veer to avoid knocking his brand new left door off its hinges. We stopped, of course, but he was very angry and spouted many curses in English while I tried to explain how this had happened. He was still fouling the air with epithets as he tried to reattach his door. Incredibly, he was able to accomplish this act with scant notable damage. He accused me of being drunk and I offered to call police in Santa Margarita. I called, but they were too busy with revelers to drive up the hill to survey damage. He then stormed into his home and suddenly re-emerged, placid and concerned about damage to my rental car. Apparently, his wife had been watching this encounter and recommended that he not pursue any involvement of authorities because HE had been drinking; I had not. When our conversation had become civil, I asked where he learned English because, though previously rife with expletives, his discourse was grammatical and well-enunciated and could have been like an unhappy 3rd or 4th generation Italian from South Philly. He had lived and worked in Detroit for several years. I commended him for his mastery of English and noted that my vehicle was damaged but drivable. (Sixt didn’t punish me when I returned it). Madge is a very beautiful lady and she was careful not to interfere He apologized for losing his temper and hugged us both, inviting us to come in and have a drink. We were anxious to get to our hotel so we demurred.
    Shelly (Rolfe Shellenberger)

  2. Found you! Hi John! Merry Chriostmas, warmly, Bill Tomicki

  3. Jack Hallett permalink

    Shame on you John, you just let the cat out of the bag on beautiful Allassio and the fantastic “Aida” experience. I am glad you did,nt mention the great food and truly outstanding wine list as well!
    Otherwise a great article on a great retreat. Jack Hallett, Windsor UK. and Enniskillen N.I.

  4. Deasr John:
    Read your contribution to Joe Sent Me with great interest and glad you are still active.
    Tom Margittai

  5. Alan Littell permalink

    John: Good to see your blog. Seems as though you’ve left BA, unless you’re still called in as a consultant. Here, I still do a bit of travel writing, also book reviewing for the SF Chronicle. Caroline is well and we spend a good deal of time with son and grandchildren in California. We recall with nostalgia the pleasure of working with you over the years and all those magnificent African trips, BA London-Nairobi, safari travel with your friends at A&K. Also, for me, the fascination of my flight-deck observer’s perch for that transatlantic piece which ran in the NY Times, and a year or so later the novelty of my earliest BA Concorde flight–the year must have been l976–out of Dulles, not JFK. It was a great aircraft….Drop a line if you have a chance…, Alan Littell

  6. Ann-Louise Christiansson permalink

    Hi John, thanks for all the good readings. Looking forward to something on China.
    Ann-Louise Christiansson, Ankara, Turkey.

  7. Carole Platt permalink

    Hello John – how nice to have found you after all this time. Love the picture of you and Maria on the BA USA page on Facebook. I do miss the good old days so much; not just the job but all the lovely people I was privileged to work with, including both of you!

    All good wishes
    Carole Platt (nee Brathwaite)

  8. John, I truly enjoy reading your blog! Your sense of humor permeates, there is substantial information in every paragraph and your descriptions tantalize.
    Ann Purcell

  9. Dominic Harders permalink

    Hi John – so pleased to have found you! It has been far too long since I worked for you in Bulova! Your blog is great reading!

    Take care and best wishes, Dom

  10. Abeba Kiros permalink

    John, I loved your blog and all the beatifull stories of you and place you wrote about (specially Alassio) I enjoyed reading it and learned a lot, miss seeing you in the office

  11. i was very pleased to find this site. i wanted to thank you for this great read!!

  12. RobCH permalink

    Hey John, glad to see you’re keeping busy. All the best. Robin C-H

    • Dear Robin, many thanks for writing. I am doing a story once every 4 to 6 weeks for a business travel writer, Joe Brancatelli. His newsletter, “JoeSentMe,” appears every Friday to a large subscriber list in North America. I’m kind of jumping the fence from pr to editorial – we’ll see what happens. Also have a couple pr projects trying to get started. Hope all well with you – are you going to any of the Olympic games. I’ve tried to get tickets, but so far, not very successful. Best wishes, John

  13. Hello John,

    My name is De’ Andrea I work for 5W public relations in New York and recently had the pleasure of reading one of your articles featured in the L.A Times pertaining to the upcoming Olympic Games. I would like to connect with you if possible to discuss possibly working together on a feature in the near future my contact information is listed below.

    Warm regards,

    De’Andrea White

    (646) 278-0760

  14. Carol & Dick Gardner permalink

    Hi John ~
    So glad we re-connected, and I’m able to read your stories! We enjoy them a lot. The Utah experience was excellent.
    Carol Gardner

  15. Rona Klein permalink

    Another wonderful blog. If only I could visit all the places you write about, I would be a very happy person. One can only dream….

  16. Linda Stewart permalink

    Hi John: It was treat to read yr account of China Spree. I share all your apprehensions about joining a group tour but your description of your China visit answered every concern. So pleased to have discovered your blog…and to hear your voice so clearly in every line. I too miss the BA days of yore, especially as regards Africa when spotting a BA uniform in an obscure African outpost was like winning the lottery! Take care an Cheers! Linda Stewart

  17. Hey John… Long time. We’re enjoying your writing and hope to bump into you along the way. Mostly, we’ve been doing books and location photo shoots in recent times. Hope you are happy and well.
    Cliff & Nancy Hollenbeck

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